For your unwanted Gold or Silver jewelry, watches, cameras and more....

We believe in going beyond the call of duty here at ACME GOLD. You have to have the right stuff in order to not only get customers in the door you also need to have them coming back for more over and over. Developing a strategy to retain customers on a more permanent scale is a tall order. Enter the concept of rewarding customers for doing business with us. Not a new concept but one that demanded a closer view. We think we've found the Holy Grail of Reward Programs that takes customer retention from fantasy-land to reality in an exciting, fun and mutually profitable platform. A new way of saying thank you.

As defined in Websters Dictionary the name ACME is associated with the highest point; point of culmination; peak.

Living up to the name ACME therefore demanded attention to the high ideals associated with the name. The logo had to visually project the same qualities.

My career embraced several years in the metals business going from industrial metals culminating in precious metals. From reporting on the physical and chemical composition of ferrous and non-ferrous metals to the sales and marketing aspects have provided a sustained interest in precious and semi-precious metals.

As a former Marine, I am blessed to be an American with the Freedom to have a business in the greatest country on Earth. Semper Fi and I salute our troops who continue to keep all our dreams and aspirations alive! God Bless The United States of America.

Gary Hawthorne